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The Raytown School District has recently been awarded a federal COPS Secure Our Schools SOS grant for $150,354.00.  The grant is to be used for enhancing school safety practices including funding programs and continuation of existing programs which help prevent school violence.

The grant award period is from September 2010 through August 31, 2012, and grant monies are already being put to use.  Additional security cameras for all District sites are currently being installed, bringing the number of security cameras district-wide up to over 500.

“We are very excited about the SOS grant because that aspect of funding for the new security camera system will allow the Raytown Police Department to access cameras through dispatch and police vehicles for a variety of situations including emergencies,” Assistant Superintendent Travis Hux said.

The grant was written in partnership with the City of Raytown and local law enforcement, and on the federal grant site at www.cops.usdoj.gov has been cited as an exemplary grant.

“This grant represents the combined efforts of the school district and local law enforcement, and solidifies the partnership we have with them,” Associate Superintendent Janie Pyle said. “We live in a community where it is a pleasure to partner with our city and police department.”

The grant application is a part of a series of efforts on the part of the school district to better monitor properties during school and after school hours.

“Safety of students and staff is a number one priority for us, and this grant gives us more confidence in securing our school sites,” Hux said.