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The Raytown Educational Foundation is an organization that lends financial support for innovative educational projects and academic incentives in and for Raytown Quality Schools.

The organization focuses on projects, scholarships and student incentives not possible through traditional education funding. The Foundation is not a political organization and is designed to help teachers educate children.

REF annually awards grants to district teachers for classroom and extended day projects through an application process. Winning grants are selected on their ability to enhance instructional activities. 2011 Grant Applications will be available soon!

The Foundation recently established a travel resource link in partnership with YTB Travel Network Association Division that can be used to coordinate your travel needs like vacations, business trips, car rentals and more. Each time the link is used a percentage of the royalties earned will go toward the Foundation. The site is powered by Travelocity and comes at no additional cost to users. Visit the link at www.ytbtravel.com/reft to lend your support.

Visit the Raytown Educational Foundation
Executive Director Martha Cockerell
10750 E 350 Highway, Raytown, MO  64138
Phone:  816-268-7181
Fax:  816-268-7109

Donating to the Raytown Educational Foundation is easy! See the Donation Form at right.

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School district employees may authorize a payroll donation to Raytown Educational Foundation. See the Payroll Donation Form at right.
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