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A Brief History of Raytown Quality Schools

In 1903, eight separate and independent school districts voted for consolidation. The districts included Bennington, Central, Chapel, Lane, Parkview, Spring Valley, Stormy Point and Raytown.

This consolidation was the beginning of what is now known as the Raytown C-2 School District. Upon consolidation, a combination elementary school and high school was erected in 1914 at 9900 East 63rd St.


 The first version of Raytown High School was built in 1927. To date, four large additions have been added to the building.

Chapel Elementary School was located on a site that had been used for school purposes since about 1851. A one-room frame building replaced a log cabin school in 1903. A new frame building was built in 1921 and an addition was completed in 1928. This building was destroyed by fire in 1939. A brick building was completed in 1940 and had three additions. The building was closed in 1981 and sold.

In October of 1948, the first elementary school in a long series of new buildings was opened. Blue Ridge Elementary School contained grades one through five and grade six continued their classes at the old building (which is no longer in existence). The following schools have since been added:

  • Eastwood Hills Elementary School in 1953
  • Southwood Elementary School in 1954
  • Northwood Elementary School in 1957 (now a special services program)
  • Raytown Junior High School in 1955 (changed to the Raytown Education Center in 1981)
  • Old Administration Building in 1958 (changed to Instructional Services Center (ISC) in 2005)
  • South Junior High School in 1959 (changed to Raytown South Middle School in 1981)
  • Robinson Elementary School in 1959
  • Westridge Elementary School in 1961
  • Raytown South High School in 1961
  • Norfleet Elementary School in 1963
  • Spring Valley Elementary School in 1964
  • Pittman Hills Junior High in 1966 (changed to Raytown Middle School in 1981)
  • Laurel Hills Elementary School in 1966
  • Fleetridge Elementary School in 1968
  • Joe Herndon Area Vocational Technical School in 1973 (now known as the Herndon Career Center)
  • Regional Safety Center in 1972
  • New Administration Building in 2005 (built in 1985)
  • Raytown Central Middle School in 2008
  • Raytown Schools Education and Conference Center (RSECC) in 2008
  • New Trails Early Learning Center in 2008
  • Little Blue Elementary School in 2009