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 Superintendent's Welcome

        Dr. Allan Markley

This time last year, the District was pleased with itself and our efforts to build up to a 12 of a possible 14 on our Annual Performance Report.  Among our many efforts, we revisited the curriculum, continued to monitor student test preparation results, and provided intensive training for teachers through Teach Like a Champion II classes.  Our efforts paid off and under the state's new accreditation system, I am please to report that we are a fully accredited district. We are now hoping to further our gains and transition into use of the state common core standards.  When I say “our efforts,” I am referring to Raytown as a single team comprised of the school district, the City, our patrons, and the greater Raytown community.  When we chose “Snapshots of Excellence” as the theme for this school year, we recognized that all around us, we could see excellence--excellence in instruction, training, and student performance. And equally important, excellence in a community which supports its schools. It is our hope that our students will benefit from a more rigorous curriculum, relevant to the challenges they will face in college and subsequent careers.   The state's Common Core Standards will also enable teachers and parents to have a better understanding of what students should be learning, allowing them to collaborate accordingly, and the lessons will be created and monitored locally.  While many districts are still in the beginning phases of evaluating and understanding increased rigor, our team has been ahead of the curve, implementing new standards across all grade levels.  I look forward to seeing our "Snapshots of Excellence"  during the 2013-2014 school year.