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Buildings, Beans and Buses

Support Services is made up of three departments: Buildings and Grounds, Food Services, and Transportation.  Each department recognizes the critical role it plays in the lives of Raytown students.  Each department is committed to offering services that provide a climate conducive to the educational environment. 

With the exception of Little Blue Elementary most of our facilities are 40 or more years of age.  The department is proud to know that even with this age factor, the buildings in the District are in great shape.  Our Buildings and Grounds staff takes pride in keeping our campuses in such good condition.

Food Services knows the importance of feeding hungry students.   This department goes above and beyond by offering six items at lunch versus the minimum requirement of three.   The department knows that it is important for students to have energy to focus on their daily learning activities.

The Transportation Department services over 5,000 students on a daily basis, getting them to and from school.  The staff in this department prides itself on safety, having an up-to-date fleet and knowing they make a difference in the lives of the students who ride the bus. 

 Support Services Contacts

 Dr. Travis Hux
 Assist. Superintendent of Support Services


 Stephanie Archie
 Secretary to the Assist. Superintendent of Support Services



 Contact Number -  (816) 268-7000


 Fax Number - (816) 268-7029