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Both Raytown High School and Raytown South High School are designated as being part of the state sponsored A+ schools program.

Students who graduate from a designated A+ school may qualify for state-paid assistance ( full tuition and fees ) to attend any public community college or technical school in the state. More 9,000 students have qualified for the tuition assistance since 1997.

The class of 2004 was the first class eligible to receive A+ incentives. E-mail links to high school coordinators, applications, manuals and tutoring contracts cane be viewed below.

Randy Thomas, District Activities Director
RHS A+ Program Pamphlet
RHS 2014-15 Calendar of Meetings
RHS A+ Program Letters
RHS A+ Schools Letter of Agreement
RHS A+ Manual
RHS Tutoring Contract
RSHS A+ Program Pamphlet
RSHS 2014-15 Calendar of Meetings
RSHS A+ Program Letter
RSHS A+ Schools Letter of Agreement
RSHS A+ Manual
RSHS Tutoring Contract