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We hope students and parents will find this site helpful in accessing the latest in college and career information. Of course, all students are encouraged to visit their counselor for personalized college and career counseling as well as for personal/social counseling as needed. This site was created to augment the counseling students can obtain in the Raytown School District.

At the main page are links to both local Raytown C-2 information and resources that are not maintained by the Raytown C-2 schools. These are links to the best college, scholarship, career and study skills sites that we have found on the web. Included are college search programs, links to all college and university home pages, scholarship search programs, the FAFSA online and career and study skills information. Please be aware that although we have gone to great lengths to provide you with numerous resources, only you can determine what is best for your needs. To help with some of the terminology you will be encountering, we have included a definitions page. This might help decipher some of the "code" that is used.

Senior Newsletters will be provided to seniors to stay on top of college and scholarship information. Application deadlines for area colleges, scholarship deadlines, scholarship application availability, and ACT registration deadlines are just a few of the items listed in each of the Senior Newsletters. There is also a Junior Newsletter, which includes information that pertains to college-bound juniors and is published at various times throughout the year.

There is an enormous amount of college and career information on the web and hopefully this page will save students and parents some time in finding good sites. We welcome your suggestions regarding any good links that are not included on this site.