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What is the Raytown Schools Alumni Hall of Fame?
The Alumni Hall of Fame is a program that pays tribute to alumni who have achieved a certain level of distinction in their lives and careers. It also celebrates the rich heritage of education in the Raytown community. Honorees have noteworthy success in areas such as business, visual or performing arts, community service, academics, athletics, or military service. The program was developed using momentum from the 100-year anniversary of the Raytown C-2 School District in 2003-2004.

Above, Class of 2014 inductee Bobbi Johnson Kauffman (middle) poses
with students at Raytown South High.

Who operates the program?
The program was developed by a planning committee of representatives from the school district, Raytown Chamber of Commerce, PTA, the Raytown Retired Teachers and School Personnel Association and the Raytown Educational Foundation. The committee is now led by Sara Stewart, Retired District Activities Director, and Cathy Allie, Director of Comunications and Community Relations.

Above, Class of 2013 inductees Robert Hudson, V. Edwin Stoll, Thomas Brown, Kristofer Turnbow, and Mark McIntosh pose at the Raytown vs. Raytown South football game.

How are the inductees selected?
Honorees will be selected by a committee through a nomination process. Candidates must be at least 30 years of age at the application deadline. Nominees may be living or deceased. The deadline for the nominations is February 1, 2015 for the class of 2015. A complete nomination form is required for consideration.

A sub-committee of the planning committee uses a matrix to determine the list of winners.

“We really want this to be a first-class program honoring alumni for outstanding accomplishments,” Stewart said. “We are looking for candidates who have gone out in the world and made a monumental difference. We know there are several alumni who are accomplished entertainers, scientists, inventors, writers, athletes, business people and so on. We want to find them and share their story.”

Download a Nomination Form

How are the inductees honored?
The activities surrounding the induction ceremony are purposefully scheduled in conjunction with other community events. On Friday, inductees spend the morning speaking and interacting with staff and students in the district. They also have lunch with school and community leaders. On Saturday, the inductees participate in other school and community events, which have included the Raytown Educational Foundation's Race for Excellence, visits to the Raytown Historical Society, and the Raytown vs. Raytown South football game.. The rest of the day is left for time with friends and family. Saturday’s induction ceremony concludes the activities of the weekend.

The honorees are showcased in four displays that were donated by Shamrock Cabinets. One of these displays will be in each high school; one will be at the administration building; and one is housed at the Raytown Schools Education and Conference Center.

How big are the classes?
To emphasize the importance of the program, the inaugural class included twelve honorees. The committee has since limited the size of additional classes to between five and seven.

For more information or to get a nomination form, contact Cathy Allie at 268-7000.

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