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This space will feature student writing, artwork, and photography. 

Below, read the writing of Savvy Sixth Grader, a 6th grade student at Raytown Central Middle School, who will write on topics related to District Initiatives and being a 6th grader.

October 2012: IMPACT

November 2012: RELATIONSHIPS

January 2013: QUALITY

April 2013: MOVIE REVIEW


Well, the Savvy Sixth Grader successfully completed sixth grade and is now Sensible in 7th. find Sensible's first submission of the year below.

September 2013: BOOK REVIEW


Below, Check out artwork from Laurel Hills Elementary students.  To see additional artwork from Laurel Hills students follow this link.



Amy, Kindergarden
Karyme, 2nd Grade
 Renee, 1st Grade

Jaiden, 5th Grade