Raytown Quality Schools Food Services


2014-2015 Food Services Welcome Back Letter

2014-2015 Servicios de Alimentación carta de bienvenida de nuevo

2014-2015 Free and Reduced Application 

2014-2015 Solicitud para los Alimentos Gratis o a Precio Reducido

2014-2015 Waiver of Application Information

2014-2015 Renuncia de la información de aplicaciones

Welcome from the Raytown Food Service Department. We would like to help new and returning students and their families become familiar with the Food Service Program.

 We are committed to offering variety of nutritional meals to our students every day.  The new USDA nutritional guidelines require that schools provide nutritional choices for students.  Students must select at least 3 meal components offered in order for their selections to be counted as a full meal and not priced as a la carte items. Choices you can expect to see include an increase in the amount of daily fruit and vegetables offered, half of all grains offered will be whole grain-rich nutrients, fat-free milk will be offered in unflavored/strawberry/chocolate and reduced calories per meal offering for each respective grade level.  Seconds on fruits and vegetables are available upon request.

As a department, we are committed to maintaining a positive environment and providing our students with healthy balanced meals every day. Please explore the Food Service webpage links to the left of the page for additional information. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


 Food Service Caters Jazz Night at LB


Pictured above (Diana Masters-LB Cook/Laurie Boulware-LB Manager/Diana Scarcello-EWH Manager)



 Pictured above (Chrisy Gittelman-Raytown Middle School Cook/Patty Morrison-Raytown Middle School Manager)