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 Winchester TIF Agreement

March 7 update: The TIF Commission voted to end the Winchester TIF.  The Raytown School District is expected to receive 4.1 million from the Special Allocation Fund, and approximately 1 million per year in lost taxes.  The Raytown School District wishes to thank the many patrons and families who petitioned TIF Commission members via email and letters to end the Winchester TIF.  We believe hearing the voices of those impacted by the diversion of tax dollars was a deciding factor in putting an end to the TIF.

January 20 update: The Raytown School District and Kansas City Mayor Sly James have come to an agreement about the contested Winchester TIF (Tax Increment Funding) and its proposed Sixth Amendment.

As part of the original TIF, all taxing jurisdictions, including the city, county, and school district, will share in the improvement costs for the neighborhood near Swope Park, estimated at approximately $3.5 million.  Neighborhood improvements are set to include:

·         Sewer upgrades

·         Widening of Bennington Avenue

·         Curb and  sidewalk construction

Mayor James has committed his support to ending the Winchester TIF which will, by law, require that the remaining funds in the Special Allocation Fund (SAF) be returned to taxing jurisdictions, generating an immediate payment of approximately $3.8 million to the District in the coming months.

“We are pleased to have come to a consensus and protected not only Raytown School District patrons’ tax dollars, but also those of other taxing entities with the ending of this TIF,” Dr. Allan Markley, Superintendent of Schools, said.

Prior to the settlement, district employees and patrons were asked to participate in an email and letter writing campaign to City of Kansas City TIF Commission members to encourage an end to the Winchester TIF and to ask them to oppose the Sixth Amendment to the TIF.  Under the Sixth Amendment, the TIF would have been extended for nine years at an approximate cost of $4 million more.