Device Damage and Charges

  • Students are responsible for caring for the device checked out to them and for following the Technology Usage Policies and Administrative Procedures (EHB, EHB-AP1). If an accident occurs, additional costs may be incurred as outlined below.


    Device Damage Key Points:

    • Students must report any damage or need for service immediately to their teacher, librarian, or building technician.
    • Under no circumstances should students attempt to repair the device themselves.
    • Any repair or work completed as part of routine maintenance or covered under the device warranty will not be charged to the student.
    • If the student technology usage fee is NOT paid prior to the damage, all damage will be assessed a charge of 100% of the cost of repair/replacement.
    • If it is determined that damage was caused intentionally or by gross negligence, the district may assess an additional charge for labor costs to repair a device as outlined in Board Policy EHB.
    • Each building will have a limited number of loaner devices; issuance of a loaner device will be at the discretion of the building.
    • Damage to or removal of district asset tag (RQS#) or damage to or loss of protective sleeve will not be considered a damage incident and will result in a full charge ($5 for asset tag/ $10 for sleeve).
Device Damage And Charges
  • Device Repair Cost For Chromebooks Grades 6-8

Device Repair Cost for Chromebooks Grades 6-8
  • Device Repair Cost for Grades 9-12 

Device Repair Cost For Grades 9-12