• Please take the time to read this in its entirety. There is a lot to go over and a lot for all of us to follow. We ask that everyone does their part to stay safe so that we can stay open. If we work together, we will be able to add even more to your workout experience.  We want to keep moving forward and not have to move backwards.  We will accomplish more by working together, respecting each other, and the rules in place.

    Hours of Operation

    Hours will be open Monday- Friday from 5am -12pm and from 2pm - 7pm. 

    Deep cleaning will occur from 12pm - 2pm, daily. 

    Saturday hours are open 7am-3pm. 

    Pools will be open from 5am - 10am and from 2pm - 6pm M-F and 7am-1pm on Saturday

    Lap Pool will be closed M-F from 3pm - 6pm for high school swim practice and from 8am-10:30am on Saturday for Swim Pracitce

    No Classes or Kids Club.

    Pool expectations

    The following pool capacity limits will be enforced:

    25 patrons warm pool

     7 patrons lap pool

    If individuals are dry (meaning the mask is not going to get wet) and around other people on the deck, they should wear a mask. If they can absolutely guarantee six feet of social distancing and that someone is not going to walk by within six feet of them, they can remove it.

    Masks/face coverings do not have to be worn inside the pools. Social distancing should be maintained in pools, especially when masks are off. Once an individual is dried off, the mask must be put back on.

    Outside water equipment is allowed, lifeguards will still need to approve.

    Water shoes are recommended.

    Facility users cannot bring guests/children from other homes.

    A legal guardian must stay within arm's reach of any children under the age of 16.

    Locker rooms are available; however, showers will still be closed down. All restroom/locker rooms will close at 11:50am and 6:50pm M-F and at 10:50 am and 2:50pm on Saturday. Please do not leave belongings in the Family changing Room (pool area).  If you use a locker, please leave it open when finished so we know to disinfect it.  You cannot leave items overnight in a locker.

    Please practice social distancing.  You must remain 6 feet apart from other users.  You can only be within 6 feet of someone if they live with you.

    To ensure everybody gets an opportunity to enjoy the pool, we ask that you try and limit your workout to under 60 minutes.

    For any questions or concerns please talk to the Lifeguard on duty.


    Billing started on Monday, August 10th. You might see a different bill date which will reflect on when your last bill was generated compared to when we had to shut down. We are trying to give patrons that paid in March the full benefit of what they paid for.

    General Rules

    If you are feeling sick, stay home.

    Check your temperature.

    Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

    Wash your hands.

    Front desk person must check you in, please do not just walk by and say your name. Wait for our staff to completely check you in.

    Children 13 and older can use the weight/cardio equipment with Legal Guardian.

    Children can use the track with Legal Guardian.

    Please wipe down your equipment after each use.

    Social Distancing must still apply.

    Masks/face coverings must be worn when entering the building, exiting the building, locker rooms, and pool deck area. Masks/face coverings do not have to be worn on cardio equipment or if you are able to safely practice social distancing on the weight floor.

    A Covid-19 waiver must be signed before your first workout.

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