Elementary Flexible Learning Opportunities Grades K-2

First Grade Resources

  • Explore the provided Math and English Language Arts weblinks to support your child in fun and exciting learning opportunities.


    First Grade Webmix Weeks 1-4


    First Grade Webmix Weeks 5-8


    These resource packets provide opportunity for students to practice English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics skills with paper and pencil. Students are to work around 20 minutes daily on English Language Arts practice (one sheet daily) in conjunction with the choice boards. Students should also spend around 20 minutes a day on mathematics practice with an expectation of blending the choice board activities and the math resource packets.  This equates to completing at least one puzzle page a day for mathematics and at least one worksheet a day for English Language Arts.


    1st Grade Packet Weeks 1-2

    1st Grade Packet Weeks 3-5


    The learning resource packet includes enough worksheets/puzzle packs for students to complete for the remaining school year (April 27-May 20).  

    1st Grade Packet Weeks 6-8