Elementary Smart Start Update (June 23, 2020)

  • Elementary Smart Start Summer School is currently scheduled for July 6-31. Due to social distancing restrictions related to COVID-19, we will be at 50% capacity in our elementary classrooms. All aspects of the District’s Smart Start Summer School program fall within the guidelines of the CDC and Jackson County Health Department as well as regulations issued by Jackson County and Kansas City. Please be aware that our ability to offer in-person Smart Start Summer School is subject to change based on guidelines, regulations and restrictions issued by the authorities mentioned above. 



    • Separate entrances/exits will be established for walkers, bus riders and car riders
    • Student’s temperatures will be taken as they enter the building
    • Dismissal will be staggered by bus number 
    • Hand sanitizer will be provided at high-traffic entry/exit points and in classrooms around the building


    Capacity Limitations/Distancing/Visitors 

    • All buildings, enclosed spaces (including school buses) and rooms will be limited to 50% occupancy
    • All students, staff, visitors and vendors will strive to adhere to social distancing guidance, maintaining a 6-foot distance between other individuals at all times while on district property
    • Parents and visitors will be allowed in the office only


    Cleaning & Sanitization

    • Before each day, custodial staff will provide a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all occupied spaces
    • Throughout the day, custodial staff will clean and sanitize higher use areas at regular intervals
    • While spaces are occupied by students, non-custodial staff may assist with cleaning and sanitizing 
    • All materials and methods will be consistent with CDC and Jackson County Health guidelines


    Masks/Protective Equipment

    • Staff will be required to wear a mask or face covering during instruction or when social distancing could be compromised; mask and covering can be lowered when social distancing is possible
    • Students are encouraged to wear a face mask or covering in school and while on district transportation
      • Student masks are to be provided by their family
    • Gloves are to be worn by staff when preparing food or caring or cleaning for someone who is sick but are otherwise not necessary.



    • Students will eat breakfast in the classroom and sack breakfast may be provided.
    • For Lunch, students will be spaced out in the cafeteria, and some classes may eat in the classroom


    Personal Hygiene

    • Students and staff are encouraged to regularly wash their hands throughout the day with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
      • Hands should always be washed before eating, before touching one's face, and after using the restroom
      • If soap and water is unavailable, 
    • Students and staff are encouraged to regularly apply hand sanitizer throughout the day
    • Students and staff are encouraged to properly cover their face by using their upper arm when they sneeze or cough.
    • Students and staff are encouraged to bring their own water, clearly marked and labeled.
      • Water fountains will be off and unavailable; bottled water will be provided



    • Students will be sent in rotating groups with monitors outside using all areas/playgrounds or gym 



    • Bus riders will sit one (1) per seat (family members may sit together) 
    • The first row of the bus will not be utilized to maintain distance with the bus driver
    • Buses will be sanitized and disinfected between routes and/or tiers
    • Non-active riders (ride less than 1 time a week) will be removed from bus roster after parent notification
    • Students are encouraged to practice social distancing at the bus stop
    • Families are encouraged to download the Here Comes the Bus® app allowing them to view the real-time location of their child’s school bus on their smartphone, tablet or computer
      • For more information, please visit the District’s website at http://bit.ly/34vNFc3 or contact the Transportation Department at (816) 268-7170
    • Students not following social distancing expectations on district buses will lose service


    Additional Considerations

    • No field trips will be taken during summer school this year
    • Signage will be placed around the building reminding of social distancing and hand washing procedures
    • Students unable to adhere to guidelines listed above will be dismissed from summer school


    If you have questions, please contact the Smart Start Summer School Office at 816-268-7100 or summerschool@raytownschools.org.