IEPs & 504s

  • What are the considerations for the SPED kids who receive services through the school? How do you plan to meet IEP goals addressing social skills virtually?

  • How will IEPs and 504s be handled?

  • Can we create a Virtual Learning 504 plan for students with a 504?

Functional & Behavioral Skills Students

  • What considerations for students with special needs such as those in our functional skills programs/NW/NWSA have been made? Many of those students cannot properly have their needs addressed during virtual.

  • Will functional skills students have a virtual option?

SPED Students

  • How will masks and social distancing work for SPED students and other students who have health, behavioral, or emotional aversions to the masks?

  • What additional supports will be in place for SPED students who choose the virtual option?

  • Will the new restructured SPED program that was discussed at the end of the 19/20 school year still take place?

  • If we opt for virtual learning will my SPED student still be able to connect with their SPED teacher(s) from their building who we are comfortable with.


  • If you're getting state and federal funding for SPED students, how are you using that funding to meet their needs?