QR Coding Questions & Answers

  • Great Expectations Before and After School Care (GE) is moving to QR Code Attendance. This unique system will allow our staff to scan in students daily. Parents will no longer manually put in a PIN number. Each QR code is unique to the person it is registered to.  Please see the Q & A below to help answer additional questions you may have about this system.


    To get started, please visit: https://www.ezchildtrack.com/QR/?c=greatexpectations


    What will I need to get started when I register my QR Code?

    1. Your current PIN number
    2. Your email on your EZChildTrack account and a working cell number. Please note the email address must be the same email address registered to your account.


    Will I still use my PIN for daily attendance?

    No, you will now use the QR Code for attendance instead of the PIN.


    Will I need my cellphone daily to check in and out?

    Yes, you will use your cell phone daily to check your student in and out from GE. The QR Code will be scanned from your cell phone.


    Can I use another device?

    Yes, you may use an IPad or Android tablet to scan in each day.


    Will everyone on my account need their own QR Code?

    Yes, just like the PIN system all secondary account holders and those authorized to pick-up need to register for their own QR code. EZChildTrack requires emails on file with your account to register for a QR Code.


    Why is GE upgrading to QR Code attendance?

    In light of our recent pandemic, GE continues to look for safe and secure ways to partner with our families. QR Code attendance provides an opportunity for touch free attendance tracking; limiting mass interactions with a single computer.


    Can I print a copy of my QR Code?

    Yes, families can print a copy of their QR Code to use daily. GE can use the copy to scan in your student in the event you do not have your cell phone. In fact we recommend you print a copy to have on hand.


QR Code Attendance Setup Guide

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.


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