Meet the Class of 2022

  • Raytown Quality Schools is pleased to announce its Alumni Hall of Fame Class for 2022-23. The class includes six individuals who will join the ranks of other distinguished alumni during the November 4-5 induction weekend activities.


    Cindy FeeCindy Fee, Raytown High School Class of 1973

    Cindy Fee is a Raytown High School Class of 1973 graduate. Cindy is best known as a jingle singer and for the vocals of theme song 'Thank You For Being A Friend’ from the NBC sitcom ‘The Golden Girls.’  She is also known for her many commercials from the 1980s and early 90s, and for her duet 'I Don't Want To Know Why' with Kenny Rogers. She was also named the ‘Best Session Singer’ in LA in 1985 and 1986.  Cindy continues to sing music for films and TV.


    Barb HaleBarbara Hale Koirtyohann, Raytown High School Class of 1964

    Barbara Hale Koirtyohann is a Raytown High School Class of 1964 graduate. Barbara is a communications professional with more than 40 years of service with Hallmark Cards, Inc., recently retiring from her role as the Public Affairs Director. She has also worn many hats in the Kansas City Metro Area community as a volunteer, including serving on the board of directors for organizations such as the Truman Heartland Community Foundation, Hope House, Independence Regional Health Center, and more.


    Ralph M.Ralph Monaco, Raytown High School Class of 1974

    Ralph Monaco is a Raytown High School Class of 1974 graduate. He is a lifelong resident of Raytown and is best known for being an attorney for more than 40 years. Ralph is also well known for his long-standing record of being an active member in the political and civic communities. Ralph has also written six non-fiction books relating to the history of Jackson County, several of which have received recognitions and honors.


    Kirt M.Kirt Mosier, Raytown High School Class of 1981

    Kirt Mosier is Raytown High School Class of 1981 graduate. He is an internationally known music composer and conductor. He has conducted numerous performances with international orchestras at venues and locations and is recipient of two national composition awards and other recognitions. He is also the founding teacher of the Digital Media Technology program at Summit Technology Academy.


    Kelly R.Kelly Ristedt, Raytown High School Class of 1981

    Kelly Ristedt is a Raytown High School Class of 1981 graduate. Kelly served for 32 years as a Military Spouse Liaison including the Senior Spouse Liaison to the Eisenhower Army Medical Center and was awarded and recognized for her dedication to military community service. Kelly currently volunteers with the Resurrecting Lives Foundation.


    Andrew WishyDr. Andrew Wishy, Raytown South High School Class of 2000

    Dr. Andrew Wishy is a Raytown South High School Class of 2000 graduate. He is an active duty major with the United States Air Force who practices vascular surgery at Keesler Medical Center in Mississippi. His first job in the medical field he accepted a commission into the USAF as the 2nd Lt. Prior to going into the medical field, Dr. Wishy played professional baseball with the Texas Rangers minor league farm team, retiring to pursue his goal of practicing medicine. Dr. Wishy is also a published author, co-writing the book “Vascular Surgery Oral Board Review: Behind The Knife Premium Paperback.”