2022-23 Annual District Awards Winners

  • Congratulations to the two outstanding and exemplary employees, Teacher of the Year, Michaela Whitmore and Support Staff Employee of the Year, Amy Guinn.

Teacher of the Year, Michaela Whitmore

  • Michaela Whitmore TOY 2022The 2022-23 Teacher of the Year is Fleetridge Elementary Kindergarten Teacher, Michaela Whitmore. Michaela has been with the district for five years.


    Michaela is described as a leader in the building that desires to make everything and anything encouraging and positive.


    Michaela is an educator who believes it is important for students to see themselves in the classroom and that means making the classroom a place that everyone feels represented and heard. She says “everyone in my class should see themselves in everything we do, in everything we celebrate, and in everything we learn.”


    Michaela is someone who possesses all the qualities of an effective teacher yet is continually striving to improve. She is always incorporating new techniques and ideas into her lessons.


    She continues to help shape her school by assisting the educators around her and by exemplifying just how influential a teacher can be in the lives of his students.

Support Staff Employee of the Year, Amy Guinn

  • Amy Guinn SSEOYThe 2022-23 Support Staff Employee of the Year is Raytown Central Middle School Social Worker Amy Guinn. She has been with the district for three years. In her time with RQS, she has made a tremendous impact at her school, and for her students.


    Her colleagues describe her as a person who speaks about her job with such joy that it makes those listening want to hear more and more. She is known at her school, and throughout the district, as a loving, positive, and generous person, with a true passion for helping the students she serves.


    Her commitment to Raytown students is unmatched. She aims to love everyone who walks through the doors, to let them know that they are valued and cared for.

2022-23 Building TOY

  • Courtney Stratton, Blue Ridge Elementary         

    Amber Nieznajko-Frankenfield, Eastwood Elementary 

    Michaela Whitmore, Fleetridge Elementary

    Brock Martin, Herndon Career Center  

    Rachel Soliday, Lauren Hills Elementary 

    Kaysie Saddler, Little Blue Elementary

    Emileigh Hernan, Norfleet Elementary 

    Kelsey Smith, Raytown Central Middle School    

    Katie Green, Raytown High School   

    Jennifer Daleo, Raytown Middle School

    Jamie Foutz, Raytown South High School

    Mariah Gibson, Raytown South Middle School

    Vanessa Holloway, Raytown Success Academy 

    Allie Cook, Robinson Elementary

    Samantha Reames, Southwood Elementary

    Lisa Kirk, Spring Valley Elementary

    Abby Mercer, Westridge Elementary

2022-23 Building SSEOY

  • Evelyn Velasquez, Admin/RSECC/Wellness

    Kim Young, Blue Ridge Elementary   

    Diana Scarcello, Eastwood Elementary  

    Michael Burkey,  Facility Operations

    Karen Mahabir, Fleetridge Elementary 

    Sierra Sanders, Laurel Hills Elementary  

    Jennifer Missey, Little Blue Elementary 

    Kathy Bartelli, New Trails

    Lisa Peterson, Northwood Elementary

    Anna McIntyre, Norfleet Elementary  

    Amy Guinn, Raytown Central Middle School     

    Wendy DiGirolamo, Raytown High School    

    Jeffrey Spotwood, Raytown Middle School 

    Karen Clevenger, Raytown South Middle School 

    Guyden Bagsby,  Raytown South High School

    Nicole Heggie, Robinson Elementary 

    Roberta Scott, Southwood Elementary 

    Veronica Bell, Spring Valley Elementary 

    Matt Blaine, Technology

    Jennifer Gutierrez, Three Trails

    Jeff Shupe, Transportation

    Lindsay Hardiman, Westridge Elementary