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Freshman Planning Calendar

Focus on strong study habits, obtaining good grades, participating in extracurricular activities including school-based groups and/or sports, and take a set of courses that are challenging for you in order to be well prepared for college. In addition, continue to identify areas that are interesting to you, and explore potential career fields. Also, remember that all your grades are now a part of your permanent record. Colleges will see every term grade and the final average grade.


  • Check your schedule. Make sure you have all your academic classes scheduled, including electives. If you have a problem with your schedule, make an appointment with your guidance counselor.
  • You need to make appointments through the counseling secretary in the counseling center; appointments should be made during passing periods, during lunch, or before or after school.


  • Schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor to do a 4-year course plan.
  • The guidance counselor will help you through this process in classroom presentations.
  • The freshman counselor discusses the following information in large group classes:
    • 4 year course planner form
    • Grading and how that relates to credits
    • Graduation requirements
    • Attendance Policy
    • School & community involvement
    • Enrollment for the next year


  • Mid-year schedule conflicts.
  • Beginning of enrollment process.


  • Students should have completed their enrollment forms for next year.
  • Students need to review course selections with current teachers.
  • Students reviews course selections with parents.
  • Parents sign the enrollment form and students return it to the guidance dept.
  • Prepare for MAP testing
  • Complete MAP testing


  • Students have a safe, healthy, happy summer and remember to get involved!