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.....they pick on the freshmen and push them around?
There is no such thing as a “freshman day” at either high school. Harassment is rare and will not be condoned. Any incident should be reported immediately. Freshmen are in their own classrooms most of the day.

.....you could wander through the halls forever and never find your classes?
Remember when you first came to the middle school? At that time you were probably scared to death that you would never be able to find all of those classes. The same thing applies to the high school. For the first few days there may be some confusion, but it quickly becomes a routine. To decrease your worry, walk through the building to find your classrooms before the first day of school.

.....they are really strict on tardiness?
You are expected to be on time. When you enter a classroom late the teacher must take extra time with you. As a result, the rest of the class must wait. Excessive tardies may result in detention, In-School-Suspension, or Out-of-School Suspension. Each high school has their own tardy card policy which will be explained to you.

.....that it is almost impossible to get to your classes on time because the building is so big?
There is a five minute passing period between classes. Plan your route between classes; avoid congested areas in the hall; do not stop to gossip; do not go to your locker between each class. You will find there is plenty of time to get to class.

.....that the classes are so hard that almost no one passes during their freshman year?
Keep up with the course work, take notes, read and study daily. This will help you do well in high school. The biggest reasons for failure during the freshman year are absenteeism and not turning homework in on time. Attendance and homework are your responsibility

.....the teachers are super strict and really mean?
You will find most teachers are reasonable, fair and friendly to students. Teachers are human and each has their own personality; consequently some will insist that you follow rules more rigidly than others. Be sure to talk to your teacher if problems arise.

.....it is really hard to get into clubs?
Clubs welcome new membership. Daily announcements will inform you of club meetings and activities. If you are interested in joining, attend one of their meetings. The more involved you are the more fun you can have. Statistics show students involved in clubs and other activities have better grades and enjoy school more.

.....unless you are a superstar you cannot play on a team?
Freshman teams are available in a great number of sports. Try out for more than one sport. Most teams do not limit the size of the squad.

.....earning credits is important?
You must earn at least 25 credits to graduate from high school. Fourteen credits are required courses. You receive one half credit for each semester class you pass. More information is given in your “Program of Studies.”

.....if I don't select and pass the right classes I won’t graduate?
Become very familiar with the “Program of Studies” and develop a good “Four Year Plan.” The “Program of Studies” describes all of the courses offered and lists the prerequisites needed to take the classes. The “Four Year Plan” is your specific program to meet all graduation requirements while working toward a career or college goal. Meeting graduation requirements is your responsibility. Your counselor will help you and your parents develop your “Four Year Plan.”

.....they don’t help you pick classes for the next year?
Your counselor will give directions and guidance in choosing your subjects each year in one of your classes. You will want to think about your future classes and discuss them with your parents prior to the counselor’s classroom visit.

.....I will be able to change classes if I don’t like the teacher or if they don’t like me?
The computer will select your teachers and the arrangement of your classes within your schedule. Changes based on personalities are not permitted.

.....something called the GPA (Grade Point Average) is really important?
The GPA is important. It is the average of all your grades. It allows you to be compared to others in your class. College admissions and most scholarships use the GPA as part of their criteria. Some clubs and sports require a minimum GPA.

....I can figure my own GPA?
To figure a GPA you must first know about “honor points.” Each letter grade has the following numerical or “honor point” value: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. To figure a GPA take the total number of honor points you have earned and divide them by the total number of classes you have taken.

.....I will lose my friends and will have to make new friends?
There will be some changes as you go through your high school career. Some old friends will be lost, but you will also gain some new ones. The same process will be repeated throughout your life. School is sometimes a dress rehearsal for life.

.....they mix the different grades in the same classroom so there may be seniors in with us?
Mixed classes occur in a few instances such as band or other electives like foods or computer classes. Most of the time you will be in classes with freshmen.

.....the pressure is really on to do drugs, smoke and do other illegal things?
There is no more pressure than you experienced in middle school. Peer pressure comes from those with whom you hang around. The best possible answer is for you to associate with those people who hold similar values. No one can force you to do something illegal, immoral or dangerous. You always have the right to say “no.” The choice is yours.

.....there are a lot of fights and racial problems?
There are approximately 1,200 students in each of the high schools. We have a mixture of races, religions, nationalities and personalities. This brings us the opportunity to know and work with others.

.....I get to choose where to sit in the cafeteria?
Your fourth hour teacher will tell you which lunch period you have. There is “open seating” in the cafeteria. Sit where you wish. Go through the line with someone from your fourth hour class; check around to see what other friends are on your lunch shift. Make plans from there.

.....if I accept free or reduced lunch the other kids will make fun of me?
This is private information.

.....you can eat and drink in the classroom?
This is up to each individual teacher. Soft drinks and snack machines are available to students between classes.

.....I won’t be able to get help if my locker is jammed or the combination won’t open it?
If you have problems with your locker not opening, go to the office or the nearest custodian.

.....I’ll have to take a shower after gym?
Showers are not mandatory. Bring your deodorant.

.....there is no dress code in high school?
You may be sent home for inappropriate dress. Refer to the student handbook for specific details. Student dress may not promote or display drugs, sex, alcohol or obscenities. To be safe, the less skin showing the better. Students may not wear distracting items such as head phones. Caps or head wear are not permitted. Pagers, cell phones, and electronic devices are not permitted in school. They will be confiscated if found.

.....there is no way to contact me in an emergency?
In the event of an emergency, parents may contact you through the office, and a message will be delivered to you in the classroom.

....your grades from middle school could affect whether you can participate in sports and activities?
Freshmen who had one or more failing grades in the fourth quarter of 8th-grade must attend ACES study sessions for the first trister (6 weeks) grade period if they participate in sports or activities in high school.