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  • Apply for admission. Financial aid will not be awarded until your admission is complete.
  • Complete the FAFSA using information from your parent’s federal tax return (errors and omissions will delay processing).
    • Make a photocopy for your file.
    • Mail the original before the deadline. You may choose to send it by registered mail.
    • The FAFSA form will require an institution code number (see p.39). Numbers not listed are available in the counseling center.
  • Complete the college financial aid application for those schools requiring their own form in addition to the FAFSA.
  • Send a copy of parent’s completed federal tax form (signed) to the college financial aid office if required.
  • Expect your Student Aid Report (SAR) within 4 weeks of mailing your application
    • On the SAR will be either a request for further information or a number
      called an Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
    • Your college uses the EFC to determine the amount of your federal grant, loan, or work-study award, if you are eligible.
    • Your college uses the EFC to determine the a
    • Make a photocopy of the SAR for your records.  A copy should be mailed to the financial aid counselor at each school you are considering.
    • Your college uses the EFC to determine the a
  • Review letters explaining the financial aid package each school offers.
    • Notify all schools of your decision.
    • Send the original SAR to the school you decide to attend.

NOTE: If your financial aid situation changes dramatically from what you reported on the FAFSA (e.g., loss of parental employment, major family illness), contact the financial aid office at the schools immediately.

A financial aid workshop is held for Raytown parents and students each February.

Questions regarding financial aid should be directed toward a college financial aid officer.