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2023-24 Winners

2023-24 Annual District Awards Winners

Congratulations to the two outstanding and exemplary employees, Teacher of the Year, Melissa Hays, and Support Staff Employee of the Year, Juliette Genteman.

Teacher of the Year, Melissa Hays, Raytown Central Middle School

Melissa Hays Raytown Central Middle School Web

The 2023-24 Teacher of the Year is Raytown Central Middle School seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher, Melissa Hays. Melissa has been with the district for six years.  

Melissa’s journey to becoming a teacher came a bit differently than most. When she was young, she aspired to be a teacher. When she dropped out of high school at the age of 16, she was unsure what she would do and where she would be. She re-connected with a former teacher, who re-ignited her childhood aspiration of becoming a teacher.

Melissa is a big believer in teaching the whole child. Though her curriculum focuses on social studies, she ensures she is tying in other values that include academics, but also social-emotional components as well, such as integrity, friendship, and respect. Day in and day out, she is an example for her students and provides them with the connection, compassion, and support and resources they need to be successful. She has a strong passion for what she does and she serves with her greatest ability the students, her peers, and the district.  

Support Staff Employee of the Year, Juliette Genteman, Little Blue Elementary 


The 2023-24 Support Staff Employee of the Year is Little Blue Elementary's Library Media Clerk, Juliette Genteman. She has been with the district for a year. 

Juliette is passionate about helping students explore the world through reading. She loves to help students find a character they identify with, an author who makes them laugh, or a series that they can’t stop reading. She prides herself on making the library an inviting, beautiful space to relax, show kindness, and promote creativity.

She is upbeat and kind, always helpful and doing everything she can to support her school community. Her energy and joy is contagious, and she spreads that throughout the library, the classroom, the hallways. She uses her creativity to draw students into reading, inspiring them to think outside of the box and form a connection with literature.

2023-24 Building Teachers of the Year  

Congratulations to all of the 2023-24 Building Teachers of the Year (listed in alphabetical order by school):

  • Anna O’Renick – Blue Ridge Elementary
  • Taylor Williams – Eastwood Hills Elementary
  • Shalan Mill – Fleetridge Elementary
  • Melanie Ferguson – Laurel Hills Elementary
  • Hannah Potter – Little Blue Elementary
  • Liz Roccaro – New Trails Elementary
  • Courtney Kuhnhenn – Norfleet Elementary
  • Jon Jacque Luteran – Northwood School Elementary
  • Melissa Hays – Raytown Central Middle
  • Nicole David – Raytown High School
  • Tyler Balk – Raytown Middle School
  • Jarrod Sims – Raytown South High School
  • Savannah Landers – Raytown South Middle School
  • Carly Mack – Robinson Elementary
  • Kimberly Powell – Southwood Elementary
  • Sarah Halsey Rogers – Spring Valley Elementary
  • Deborah Sands – Three Trails Preschool
  • Matthew Wick – Westridge Elementary

2023-24 Building Support Staff Employees of the Year 

Congratulations to all of the 2023-24 Building Support Staff Employees of the Year (listed in alphabetical order by school and department):  

  • Carrie Hawkins – Admin/ RSECC 
  • Ruth Fox – Blue Ridge Elementary  
  • Ciara Gibbs – Eastwood Hills Elementary School  
  • George Crane – Facility Operations    
  • Rodney Jones – Fleetridge Elementary 
  • Amanda Trotter – Herndon Career Center
  • Leslee Hunsucker – Laurel Hills Elementary   
  • Juliette Genteman – Little Blue Elementary  
  • Savannah Chancellor – Norfleet Elementary  
  • Candice Abernathy – Raytown Central Middle School 
  • David Griffin – Raytown High School    
  • Rosa Chacon – Raytown Middle School    
  • Mallory Shump – Raytown South High School 
  • Amber Cappatocio – Raytown South Middle School 
  • Keith Cannon – Raytown Success Academy  
  • Patrick Rivera – Robinson Elementary 
  • Gary Crippen – Southwood Elementary 
  • Freda Green – Spring Valley Elementary    
  • Jimel Hogan – Transportation 
  • Kaitlyn Larry – Westridge Elementary