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In accordance with Board policy KI, it is the intent of the Raytown C-2 School District to operate a nonpublic forum and, except as allowed in this policy, advertisement is prohibited on district property. The Communications and Community Relations Department works with not-for-profit community organizations or programs deemed useful and constructive for the growth of students to provide information to students and families about educational and recreational opportunities. Fliers to be distributed to students must be approved by The Communications and Community Relations Department.

As part of the district's efforts to be more environmentally friendly, embrace innovative technology and maintain fiscal responsibility, the district has transitioned from paper to electronic flier (eflier delivery). To publicize content that supports the basic educational mission of the district and/or benefits the population of the district in a positive manner, the Raytown C-2 School District uses Peachjar, a free online service for schools, to post approved efliers so that they are accessible to parents, staff and students as wanted/needed.

With the Peachjar eflier program, the efliers will be sent directly to parents' email inboxes as well as posted on school websites for easy access. School and school district-approved efliers will keep parents, staff, students and patrons informed about upcoming school activities, programs and events.

Subject to the restrictions in this procedure and Policy KI, the Raytown C-2 School District will approve informational fliers from Missouri not-for-profit organizations or community organizations or programs with 501(c)(3) status under the following guidelines:

FOR-PROFIT PRIVATE BUSINESSES: No commercial (for-profit) fliers will be allowed. No fliers will be distributed that require purchase of any kind (for example, buy one get one free).

COMMUNITY NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: These materials are permitted if the content is relative to students, sports or curriculum/instruction. Non-profit status must be verified by the Communications and Community Relations Department before approval is granted. Fliers from churches may be included in this category (as long as content is not of a proselytizing nature) for events or activities directly beneficial to families, such as (secular) children events, youth sports, etc. 

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: The Raytown C-2 School District has partnerships with many government agencies that are supported and encouraged by the district. This typically would include county/city parks and recreation departments, city-sponsored events, etc.

GROUPS AFFILIATED WITH THE DISTRICT: The district may allow groups affiliated with the district to provide information or to advertise on district property in the same manner and to the same extent that district-sponsored groups are allowed to advertise. For the purpose of this policy, a group is affiliated with the district if it is recognized by the Board and 1) working collaboratively with the district, such as a business partner, or 2) is a group that is created solely to work with the district, its staff, students and parents and to raise funds for district activities such as parent-teacher associations or booster clubs.

POLITICAL CAMPAIGN MATERIALS: Information endorsing or promoting a particular candidate or ballot issue is not permitted to be distributed to or through students or staff.


  1. Support the basic educational mission of the district, directly benefit the students or be of intrinsic value to the students or their parents/guardians.
  2. Be in PDF format and smaller than 6 MB.
  3. Contain font sizes not less than size 12.
  4. Contain the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity.
  5. Fliers cannot contain for-profit information or logos.
  6. Fliers cannot include website addresses unless there is absolutely no for-profit information, for-profit logos, or religious information included on the website. Instead, e-mail addresses or phone numbers can be provided so that families can contact organizations with questions and/or to register their children.
  7. Official proof of nonprofit status must be provided upon request by Peachjar and/or the Raytown C-2 School District.

The Raytown C-2 School District reserves the right to deny requests that contain unacceptable content, are seen as a conflict of interest or are in conflict with the district's mission and values. Each request will be reviewed by the director of Communications and Community Relations on an individual basis with the aforementioned criteria in mind. The decision not to post an organization's information is not to be considered disapproval of the activity/event, but rather a decision based on the best interests of the Raytown C-2 School District.


  • Are lewd, obscene, libelous, or slanderous.
  • Incite students to commit unlawful acts, violate school rules, or disrupt the orderly operation of the schools.
  • Promote any particular political interest, candidate, party, or ballot measure, unless the candidates or advocates from all sides are provided the opportunity to present their views to the students during school hours or during events scheduled pursuant to the Civic Center Act.
  • Proselytize religious beliefs.
  • Position the district on any side of a controversial issue.
  • Discriminate against, attack or denigrate any group on account of gender, race, age, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability or other unlawful consideration.
  • Promote the use or sale of materials or services that are illegal or inconsistent with school objectives, including, but not limited to, materials or advertisements for tobacco, intoxicants, and movies or products unsuitable for children.
  • Solicit funds or services for an organization, with the exception of solicitations authorized in Board policy.


To post a flier, register at, and select the desired school(s). The flier is then automatically submitted to the district for approval. If approved, the flier will be delivered to all parents and posted online.

  1. Create an account at
  2. Fliers will be approved by the director of Communications and Community Relations for posting on Peachjar.
  3. To ensure timely posting, fliers should be uploaded for approval at least ten business days in advance of the event.
  4. Paper copies of the information will not be distributed to students; however, paper copies will be available to families who may not have access to digital fliers at home.
  5. Information posted cannot be in violation of Board policy, state or federal law.
  6. Fliers will remain posted up to 30 days.
  7. Questions and/or concerns about the posting process for efliers as well as credits and/or refunds should be addressed directly with the appropriate contact from Peachjar at (858) 997-2117


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