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Meet Our Team

Dr. Chris Greiner
Chief Executive Academic Officer

Dr. Anthony Moore
Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Leadership - Elementary

Jessica Bassett
Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Leadership - Secondary

Tyler Britt
Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Robert Cordell
Director of Student Support Services

Amy Cusumano
Director of Special Education

Michele Eagle
Director of Family Support Services & Assessment

Dr. Lynn Tarvin
Director of Student Programs

Jillian Lipari
K-12 Science Coordinator

Jennifer Pearson
K-12 English Language Arts Coordinator

Natalie Moon
K-12 Math Coordinator

Amanda Cahill

Amanda Cahill
K-12 Instructional Technology Coordinator

Becky Schubkegel
Special Education Programming Coordinator

Betsy Schmit
Special Education Programming Coordinator