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Meet Our Team

Dr. Chris Greiner
Chief Executive Academic Officer

Dr. Anthony Moore
Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Leadership - Elementary

Jessica Bassett
Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Leadership - Secondary

Tyler Britt
Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Dr. Robert Cordell
Director of Student Support Services

Mary Beth Sprecher 
Director of Special Services

Matt Verlinden
Director of Technology

Dr. Lynn Tarvin
Director of Student Programs, Family Support Services Department

Jillian Lipari
K-12 Science Coordinator

Jennifer Pearson
K-12 English Language Arts Coordinator

Natalie Moon
K-12 Math Coordinator

Amanda Cahill

Amanda Cahill
K-12 Instructional Technology Coordinator

Becky Schubkegel

District Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Coordinator  

Sarah Apple

District Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Coordinator

Dr. Jennifer Northcutt

Assistant Director of Student Support Services

Sarah Oliver

Coordinator of Attendance and Dropout Recovery

Meredith Moore

District Assessment Coordinator 

Betsy Schmit

Special Education Programing Coordinator 

Danielle McFarland

Secondary Technology Specialist

Shirley Earley

District of Administrative Services