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Residency & Enrollment

Enrollment for the 2024-25 School Year Opens July 15, 2024

Residency & Enrollment Overview

Raytown Quality Schools follows a centralized enrollment process, which starts online ( where you will submit online registration and is an individualized process for each family. All students must live within the school district boundaries, submit the required documents to the Residency Office by either uploading them onto the parent portal, emailing our office at, or faxing the documents to 816.268.7079.

2023-24 Enrollment Information


All new-to-district families to Raytown School District can pre-register by following this link, selecting 'parent' and then selecting 'Register New Family.'

All new family enrollments that pre-register will need to submit the required documentation either through the parent portal, emailing, or faxing 816.268.7079, to validate their profile.

**If you already have students in the Raytown School District and would like to add a new student this option is available once you log into your existing parent portal. 

All returning families can enroll online and submit required documents via upload through the student portal, emailing, or faxing 816.268.7079.

All returning Form 2 families can complete enrollment online and submit residency information through the parent portal, by emailing, or faxing 816.268.7079, along with completing and submitting the electronic Form 2 affidavit. Click here to access the Form 2 document. 

All enrollments completed on or before August 9, 2023 will be used to establish transportation/ bus pick-up times. Once routes are established for the beginning of the school year, they will not change for two weeks. During this time, we will assess for route efficiency. Failure to enroll before August 9, 2023 may result in your student not having a bus pick up/ stop for the first two weeks of school. Thank you for enrolling early in an effort to have your child fully prepared for the first day of school.

Enrollment Center at RSECC

Reminder:  All incoming 8th graders will need a TDAP and MCV shot before they can start school in August.

All incoming 12th grade students will need 2 MCV shots unless the first shot was given after the age of 16.  In that case, they will only need one shot before they can start in August.

Please do not wait until August to get these required vaccinations because you run the risk of doctors' offices/ health departments running out of the vaccinations before your child can receive one. Please be aware that if your child not does not have their vaccination or exemption card by the first day of school, they will not be able to start until they provide proof of the vaccination/exemption. There will be NO exceptions.  Please turn in proof of the vaccinations to the nurse's office as soon as you get them.

Looking for Wi-Fi Access to Enroll Online? 

2023-24 Enrollment Information

The Raytown School District follows a centralized enrollment process, which starts online at, where you will submit online registration and is an individualized process for each family. All students must live within the school district boundaries, submit the required documents to the Residency Office by upload into the parent portal, email ( or fax (816.268.7079).


**All enrollments will be processed online electronically through your parent portal.

In person visits to the enrollment center are by appointment only.

Contact Information:

Phone: 816.268.7035
Fax: 816.268.7079 

Monday - Friday  |  8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

10750 E 350 Hwy, Raytown, MO 64138

Preschool and Kindergarten Enrollment: 

Preschool and kindergarten families enroll during the district’s open-enrollment period, which begins in mid-July. Summer School enrollment for preschool and kindergarten families will take place in April when summer school enrollment opens districtwide. 

Address Finder: 
Please follow this link to connect to InfoFinder. Enter address of property, including zip code, to find out which schools attendance area the property is assigned to for the school year.

Please note: InfoFinder is used as a tool to locate transportation routes for residents who live within the district’s attendance boundaries. Residents who live close to a school's boundary line or who live outside of the district's attendance area may receive inaccurate results when using this system. 

To verify if your address is within Raytown School District attendance boundaries, please visit the Jackson County Assessment site and use the Online Assessment Data search tool. The information provided in this tool will show which district receives taxes from the address provided.


For Transportation questions, please visit this link.