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Boundaries and Transfers

Boundary Exceptions will be assessed at the end of each school year once discipline, grades and attendance records have been stored. 

Board Policy JCB defines intradistrict and out of district transfers.  A portion of the policy reads as follows:
All students must transfer between district schools when their residence changes to a different attendance area, unless exempted by the superintendent or designee. Further, the district maintains the ability to transfer students between schools as needed.

Students with disabilities may be assigned to attend a school outside the student’s attendance area by the Section 504 team or pursuant to the student’s individualized education program (IEP). Administrators participating in these decisions will notify the admissions office as soon as the decision is made to place a student outside his or her attendance area.

The superintendent or designee may direct the intradistrict transfer of students for the health, safety or welfare of the student, to maintain discipline and safety in the schools, to better meet the educational needs of the student or to address overcrowding in school.

The link to the full Policy JCB can be seen here.

Per the policy, any parent seeking a transfer for a student should:

  • Use Policy JCB-AF1 when seeking a transfer for special purposes for elementary students. (JCB-AF1 Español)
  • Use Policy JCB-AF2 when seeking a transfer for child care. (JCB-AF2 Español)
  • Use Policy JCB-AF3 when seeking a transfer for special purposes for secondary students.

District employees seeking a transfer for a resident or nonresident student should complete JECA-AF4.