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Acceptable Use

Each year, as part of enrollment, students and parents sign the district’s Technology Use Agreement (EHB-AF1 & EHB-AF2). The Technology Use Policy, Procedure and Agreement is a document that outlines how the district expects students to behave with technology. It defines what is deemed acceptable behavior for users of district technology, including the use of loaned devices, online communication, and the Internet. The policy states that “a user does not have a legal expectation of privacy in the user's electronic communications or other activities involving the district’s technology resources.” In addition, “use of technology resources in a disruptive, inappropriate or illegal manner impairs the district’s mission, squanders resources, and shall not be tolerated. Therefore, a consistently high level of personal responsibility is expected of all users granted access to the district’s technology resources.” Technology violations may result in additional discipline in accordance to Board Policy JG, Student Discipline and associated policies and administrative procedures.

In particular, these agreements state:

  • You are responsible for all media, Internet usage, downloads, file creation, file deletion, file sharing, file storage, and other actions that involve all applications accessed via your assigned device at home and school.
  • Students are always responsible for their loaned device, including all activity on their device or on other devices using their district log-in.
  • Your device is only for creation of, access to, and consumption of school-related and school-appropriate content. Do not access, store, create, consume, or share unauthorized or inappropriate content with your device.
  • You are prohibited from taking photos or videos at school without prior approval from a teacher or administrator.
  • You must keep your login and password information private.
  • You will use safe searching practices and not search for unacceptable content.
  • You will only use online resources approved by the district; in addition, you will not fill out any form or sign up for anything online without permission.
  • You will use appropriate language in all digital products and communications.
  • You will not use your device to bully, harass, or intimidate others.
  • You will not attempt to avoid or bypass a content filter installed by the District.
  • If you identify or know about a security problem, you are expected to convey the details to your teacher without discussing it with other students.
  • You will not develop programs to harass others, hack, bring in viruses or change other individual’s files.
  • District technology users have no expectation of privacy while using the District’s technology resources as outlined in Board Policy EHB, this includes student loaned device.

In addition, students are expected to follow the following expectations for use of district provided devices and accounts at both at home and school.

  • The loaned device remains the property of the Raytown Quality Schools and the device is subject to inspection at any time without notice.
  • You can only install district approved software or apps.
  • You will follow Internet use guidelines as outlined in Board Policy EHB and Administrative Procedure EHB-AP1.
  • You will not use pictures with offensive language and/or materials.
  • You will not loan your device or charging cords to other individuals.
  • You will follow all directions given by the teacher regarding device use.
  • You will not modify, remove, or destroy any district issued labels or etchings.
  • You will not provide personal information to anyone online without the permission of a teacher/parent/guardian.