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Device Rule and Guidelines

The following are highlights from the Device Rules & Guidelines. The complete document can be found on the District website.

  • Log in on your device using only district provided account
  • Do not share passwords
  • Carry your device with both hands or in provided sleeve
  • Always set your device on flat surface to use it
  • Keep food and drinks away; don’t eat or drink while using your device. Instead, take a study break
  • Never place heavy object on your device or place your device in a backpack with textbooks, this can cause your screen to crack over time
  • Keep your device clean; use the provided cleaning cloth to wipe your screen
  • Charge your device every night; look for the charging light
  • Keep your device away from pets
  • Do not swap or share with another student
  • You are solely responsible for your device, keep it safe at all times
  • You are only allowed to download or install any software or other materials approved by district
  • Do not record video, audio or photos on school property without district permission
  • Do not leave items, such as headphones, inside the laptop when closing
  • Do not leave your device in a car
  • Do not store your device with the lid open
  • Do not remove district asset tags or stickers; this will result in a damage charge
  • You are encouraged to save all your work to Google Drive