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Loan Agreement

A signed Student/Parent Loan Agreement will be required for all students grades 6-12.

Basic Care: I will...

  • be responsible for the device loaned to me and take good care of it.
  • know where my device is at all times; I will not loan it to anyone or leave it unattended (including power cord).
  • bring my fully charged device to school every day I am in attendance.
  • keep my device in the condition I received it; I will keep my device clean and will not alter any surface of the device.
  • transport the device securely closed and in the provided carrying sleeve.
  • report any damage or need for service immediately and will not attempt to repair the device myself.
  • keep my device away from food/liquids and off the floor, where it could be stepped on or tripped over.

Responsible Use: I will...

  • keep my login and password information private according to Board Procedure EHB-AP1.
  • be a safe technology consumer and practice good digital citizenship by:
    • using safe searching practices and not searching for unacceptable content.
    • keeping my and other's personal information safe and not giving my name, address, telephone number, school, or my teahcers'/parents'/friends' names and information to anyone online.
    • following the Board Procedure EHB-AP1 and only use online resources approved by the district; in addition, I will not fill out any ofrm or sign up for anything online that asks me for information about my school, my family, or myself without permission.
    • using appropriate language in all digital products and communications.
    • not using my device to bully, harrass, or intimidate others.
    • not attempting to avoid or bypass a content filter installed by the District.
  • follow the expectations outlined in Board Policy EHB, associated Board and district policies and procedures, Student/Parent Handbooks, and the Student Code of Conduct while at school, as well as outside the school day. A copy of EHB, board procedures and handbooks can be found on the district website.

Parent/Guardian Agreement: I acknowledge...

  • a technology use fee will be assessed as part of the 1 to 1 program.
  • I am responsible for loss, theft, or any damage to the device as outlined in the Handbook.
  • my loaned device remains the property of the Raytown Quality Schools and my device is subject to inspection at any time without notice and that I have no expectation of privacy while usingthe District's technology resources as outlined in Board Policy EHB; this includes my loaned device.
  • my student and I are to follow the expectations outlined in Board Policy EHB and associated district procedures and handbooks. I understand that violating these guidelines may result in disciplinary action.
  • my student must have his/her fully charged device at school each day.
  • my child must return the device and all of its accompanying materials in good working condition at the end of the school year or at the point of withdrawal or transfer out of Raytown Quality Schools.
  • we will discuss online safety and digital citizenship at home and will follow the student safety at home guidelines outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook.