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Transportation Overview

State Safety Rules and Regulations
Excerpts from Missouri Pupil Transportation Laws, Regulations, and Standards, State Dept. of Education

  • Driver is in charge of the pupils and the bus. Pupils must obey the driver promptly and cheerfully.
  • Pupils must be on time; the bus cannot wait beyond its regular schedule for those who are tardy.
  • Pupils should never stand in roadway while waiting for the bus.
  • Unnecessary conversation with the driver is prohibited.
  • Classroom conduct is to be observed by pupils while riding in the bus.
  • The use of tobacco is not permitted in bus.
  • Pupils must not throw waste paper or other rubbish on the floor of the bus.
  • Pupils must not try to get on or off the bus, or move about within the bus, while it is in motion.
  • Pupils must observe directions of the driver when leaving bus.
  • No animals shall be permitted on school buses. (Any kind, dead or alive.)
  • No weapon of any sort shall be permitted on the school buses.

Bus Regulations

  • Obey bus driver at all times.
  • Stand back at the bus stop until the driver opens the door.
  • Drivers have the authority to assign or arrange seating.
  • Students are to board and get off bus at their assigned stops daily.
  • Parent note and office approval must be obtained to ride a bus other than your own.
  • Load at least three in a seat; four, if necessary, in elementary.
  • No food or beverage consumed on bus.
  • Stay seated. Face front of bus. Remain seated until bus completely stops.
  • Do not throw any object on the bus.
  • Keep all parts of body inside the bus.
  • Talk only to those in the seat with you.
  • Loud, distracting or disturbing talk and noise are not permitted.
  • No animals or insects are permitted on the bus.
  • No skateboards are permitted on the bus.


Kevin Easley

Jeremy Blunt
Assistant Director of Transportation

Vida Hill
Payroll/ Finance Secretary

Jan Claussen

Jeff Shupe
Dispatcher/ Router

Jimel Hogan

Phone: 816. 268.7170
Fax Number: 816.268.7174