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Here Comes the Bus®

The Raytown School District adopted an innovative mobile device app and website entitled, Here Comes the Bus®. Here Comes the Bus® is free and allows parents to view the real-time location of their child’s school bus before and after school on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Parents receive notifications when the bus is near their child’s stop and other important information from the transportation department. Here Comes the Bus® is available for all families with students who have a bus route. If your child has an assigned bus route you should have received additional information by email on how to sign up for Here Comes the Bus®. For more information, please contact the Transportation Department at 816.268.7170. 

How does it work?
With GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers now standard on most school buses, Here Comes the Bus translates that information into an easy to follow program, and customizable map, that works on either a computer, tablet or smartphone, which allows you to see where the bus is and how close it is to your home.

Here Comes the Bus® also offers an app for smartphones and tablets, which is customizable, so notifications can be sent to you and your children letting everyone know when the bus is close. The technology that makes it all possible comes from Synovia Solutions and the software that they developed over 16 years ago to help companies better manage their fleets.

Signing up for Here Comes the Bus is easy. Click here to get started.