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2023 Bond

No Tax Bond
No Tax Bond 2
No Tax Bond
No Tax Bond


About the 2023 Bond

Raytown Quality Schools is asking voters to consider a $35 million no tax increase bond in the April 2023 ballot.

The no tax increase bond will allow the district to address the immediate needs at Raytown South High School and Raytown High School for updated or new arts and activities spaces for our students.  

If passed, bond funds would support the district in moving forward with a two-part plan at RSHS to raze the existing performing arts center and turn it into an auxiliary gym. Bond funding would also support the construction of new, modern performing arts center at RSHS. These necessary changes would set the RSHS arts and athletics program on par with the school districts in the metropolitan area. 

Additionally, bond funds would allow the district the opportunity to build a much-needed auxiliary gym at RHS. Auxiliary gyms at both high schools would allow for space to host sports tournaments and provide room for various school groups and activities to meet and have practice.

The Why

2023 Bond Renderings - RSHS

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2023 Bond Renderings - RHS

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