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Active Procurement

ACH/VPA Enrollment Information & Form

RFP- Pool Maintenance Contract

Procurement Archive

RFP Food Service Equipment Request for Proposal

RFP for Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Reading Intervention and Disciplinary Literacy Resource

Supports for Secondary Teachers

Learning Management System RFP

RFP Banking Depository Services 

RFP 2017PS-1 for Painting Services

RFP 2017CRS-3 Proposal for Concrete Projects

RFP for Real Estate Bid 2017

RFP Truck 2018 F-150

RFP 2018 Raytown Freezer

RFP 2018 Fencing

2018 Surplus Equipment Auction

RFP Raytown High School Yearbook 2018-2019

RFP Raytown South High School Yearbook 2018-2019

Grant Writer RFQ

RFP Student Transportation Services

RFP Admin Bldg Roof Project

RFP Drug Testing

RFP Middle School Yearbooks

RFP Flooring and Base

RFP Plumbing/HVAC Repairs

RFP Middle School Planners

RFP High School Planners

RFP for High School French

RFP for Case Management Software

RFP School Social Worker/Counselor Case Management Software

RFP - Preferred Alternate Transportation Provider - McKinney-Vento

RFP Restorative Practices

RFP Auto Tech Tool Kits

RFP Advertising and Graphic Screen Printing Press

RFP Diesel Crankshaft Grinder

RFP Diesel Engine Cylinder Hone

RFP Auto Technology Import Trainer

RFP Cosmetology Pedicure Chairs

RFP Nursing FY21 Hospital Beds

Facility Ops Surplus Property Bid and Auction Pictures

Facility Ops Surplus Bid Form

Facility Operations Auction Items Bid Form

Facility Operations Equipment for Sale

RFP for Mowing and Maps

RFP Raytown School District Audit 

RFP for Stakeholder Engagement

RFP for District Demographer

RFP for Portable Acoustic Shells

RFP Compensation and Pay Classification Plan Study

RFP Water Safety Lessons

RFP Strategic Planning

RFP Management of Pools, Lifeguards, Water Safety, and Swim Lessons

RFP PreK-5 Photography Services

RFP Secondary Photography Services

RFP Graduation Products

RFP Asbestos Project Design - RQS Various Locations

RFP VCT and Cove Base

RFP 2023 Concrete Work

Addendum 1 2023 Concrete Work

RFP Bank Depository Bid

RFP Addendum #1 Herndon Lighting

RFP Welding FY23

RFP Contracted Mowing for RQS School Campus

RFP New Lighting for Herndon Career Center

RFP FY23 Welding Power Mig

RFP FY23 HCC Steel Building Kit

RFP FY23 Diesel Skid Loader

RFP FY23 Diesel Mini Excavator Trainer

RFP FY23 Auto Tech Took Kit

RFP Attend to Win

RFP Student Attendance Incentive  

RFB Removal and Replacement of concrete parking lot

RFB Parking lot upgrades

RFB District wide lead testing, reporting and consulting services



Technology Archive

RFB Network and Data Center Switches

RFB Data Cabling

VMware Support

APC Maintenance - Symmetra LX

APC Maintenance - In-Row RC

VNX Expansion RFQ

Lenovo 11e Gen 3 RFB

Classroom Data Cabling

Mitel Software Assurance and PBX Support RFB

District VMWare Enterprise Licensing RFB

District Veeam Licensing/Support RFB 

HP DL380 Gen9 Server RFQ

Fortinet – Forticare 24X7 Service Agreement RFQ

RFQ APC Maintenance - Symmetra LX

RFQ APC Maintenance - In-Row RC

RFQ APC Maintenance - Symmetra PX UPS

RFQ Liebert Maintenance - Nfinity Unit

RFQ Liebert Maintenance - AMP 3 Phase 45 KVA

RFQ Axis Security Cameras

RFB Lenovo Models Spring 2018

RFB Lenovo L470 2018

RFB Monitors, Keyboards, and Mice

RFQ Student Laptop Bags 2018

RFQ USB DVD & 10 Keys 2018

RFB FortiGate-1500D Firewall

RFB EMC Maintenance

RFB 2018 Raytown Theater Audio

RFB 2018 Raytown Admin / RSECC Audio and Video Refresh

RFQ Aruba Support Renewal

RFB Mitel Software Assurance and PBX Support

RFB VMware 2018

RFP District Disk Storage Solution

RFP/470 Wireless Access Points

RFP/470 UPS Battery Backup

RFP/470 UPS Batteries

RFP/470 Rack Maintenance

RFP/470 Wireless Access Point Maintenance

RFQ FortiAnalyzer – Forticare 24X7 Service Agreement

RFQ FortiAuthenticator – Forticare 24X7 Service Agreement

RFP/470 UPS Battery Backup - Raytown High School

RFQ Aruba Support Renewal

RFB Lenovo Models Spring 2019

RFB EMC Maintenance

RFQ Computer Carts 2019

RFP Leased Digital Copier and Printer Services 2019

RFB Brocade Fiber Channel Switches

RFB EMC Isilon Replacement

RFB Fax Server Solution

RFB EMC Storage Solution Replacement - Addendum

RFB District VMWare Enterprise Licensing

RFB/E-Rate 470 UPS Maintenance

RFB/E-Rate 470 Wireless Controller Maintenance

RFB/E-Rate 470 Switch and Router Maintenance

RFP Mitel Software Assurance and PBX Support

RFB 2019 Raytown South Middle Large Practice Room Audio Equipment

RFB 2019 Raytown South Middle Band Room Audio Equipment

RFB District Veeam Licensing and Support

RFB Herndon PLTW Computers

RFQ Forticare Renewal - FAZ 2020

RFB Computer Rotation 2020

RFQ Liebert Essential Service Infinity RHS - 2020

RFQ Liebert Essential Service Infinity RSECC - 2020

RFQ Symmetra PX - 2020

RFQ 32 GB Memory Upgrade

RFB/470 Leased Wide Area Network Circuits

RFB/470 Firewall Maintenance

RFB/470 UPS Maintenance

RFB/470 Switch Maintenance

RFB/470 Router Maintenance

RFB/470 Wireless Controller Maintenance

RFB Mitel Software Assurance and PBX Support

RFQ Liebert Maintenance - Nfinity Unit

RFQ Liebert Maintenance - AMP 3 Phase 45 KVA

RFB Computer Rotation 2021

RFQ Teacher Laptop Bags 2021

RFQ Student Chromebook Sleeve 2021

RFP Data Cabling 2021

RFB/470 E-Rate Category 2

  • Cabling
  • Cabling BMIC
  • Wireless Access Points/Licensing
  • Wireless Access Points BMIC
  • Switches/Licensing

RFB Mitel Software Assurance and PBX Support

RFB Genetec Service Agreement Solution

RFB Computer Rotation 2022

RFP Live Streaming of Board of Education Meetings

RFB Axis PTZ Cameras

RFQ Targus Messenger Bag

RFQ Targus Chromebook Sleeve

RFB Axis Security Cameras

RFB High School PLTW Desktop Computers

RFQ External Access Cameras and Intercom

RFB/470 E-Rate Category 2

  • Router
  • Switches
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless Controller
  • Router BMIC
  • Switches BMIC
  • Wireless Access Points BMIC
  • Wireless Controller BMIC
  • Firewall BMIC
  • UPS/Battery Backup BMIC

RFP Student Information System  

RFB 2023 Hardware Rotation

Salvage Bid for Equipment and Electronics 

RFP HCC Lenovo Laptop Computers

RFB Mitel Software Assurance and PBX Support

RFB 2024 Mac Mini for Mac Labs

RFB 2024 Hardware Rotation



Curriculum & Instruction Archive

RFP Elementary Science

RFP Middle School Science

RFP HS Biology

RFP High School Chemistry

RFP High School Geology 

RFP High School Physical Science

RFP Middle School Social Studies

RFP Herndon Career Center Construction

RFP Herndon Career Center Diesel

RFP Herndon Career Center Auto Tech

RFP Herndon Career Center Auto Tech Block & Head Surfacer

RFP Assessment Resource 

RFP Marketing Textbook

RFP Norm Referenced Assessment 


RFP HS World History

RFP Elementary Music Curriculum

RFP Summer School Curriculum  

RFP for Abnormal Psychology

RFP for American Government

RFP for American History

RFP for Psychology

RFP for World Religions

RFP for High School Math

RFP 7th Grade ELA

RFP FY24 Construction.pdf

RFP Welding FY24

RFP AutoTech FY24 Trainer

RFB Removal and Replace of epoxy coatings.

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