• If a student or staff member has a suspected case of COVID-19, but receives a diagnosis of another illness, will a note from their family care provider allow them to return to work or school once their symptoms have subsided?

  • What has been our positive rate during summer school?

  • Will parents be notified when a student or teacher/staff member is experiencing symptoms?

  • What is the plan if a student or teacher tests positive? Does just the class or the entire school have to quarantine for 14 days?

  • Will COVID-19 testing be available for students and staff if there is an exposure?

  • If a student or teacher/staff member comes into contact with someone that has COVID-19 symptoms or tests positive will all contacts be required to quarantine? Will teachers still receive pay? Will all the students they have been in contact with and their families have to be quarantined?

  • How will it be handled if a student in an elementary classroom tests positive and also has siblings in other District buildings (pre-k, middle, and high)? Will students in all buildings need to be quarantined for 14 days?

  • Can families opt OUT of being tested for COVID-19?

  • If a teacher comes down with COVID-19, will any students they've been in a classroom with need to quarantine at home for 14 days ?

  • How will Transportation handle a student that tests positive since those students are in multiple classrooms?

Cleaning and Sanitation

  • Can windows be opened at the buildings to increase the flow of fresh air?

  • Has the district thought about using church space or other buildings to teach to keep numbers low in person?

  • Will hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, masks, and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be provided for all staff and students?

  • What additional cleaning steps are being implemented?

  • Does the PCO for HVAC still work for schools with window a/c units rather than central air? What about in the hallways?

  • How is the District going to ensure that all buses are sprayed with the electric sprayers?

  • What oversight will the District put in place to make sure cleaning procedures are being implemented with fidelity? Both in buses and in buildings?

  • Is there a time period you must wait to use an area after using the electrostatic sprayer?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Will students & staff be required to wear masks all day?

  • What if I don't want my student to wear a mask? Do I need to provide a written doctor's note excusing them? What if my reasoning isn't medical, but philosophical?

  • What about the NEGATIVE effects masks have on people? Lower oxygen levels, higher CO2 levels, nausea, headaches, breathing in your own germs, etc?

  • Will "face shields" -- not "masks" -- be acceptable for in-person school for students? These do not fit tightly on/around the face and allow for easier breathing.

Health Checks & Extra Steps

  • Will Plexiglas barriers be installed in the classrooms?

  • Will temperature checks be done daily?

  • Who will be doing the health checks at the beginning of the school day? What will that look like?

  • Will temperature checks be done in the classroom, upon arrival, or before boarding the bus?

State, County, & City Mandates

  • Is the Jackson County 50% capacity restriction relative to fire department building capacity or classroom size?

  • Since many of the buildings within our District are within the borders of Kansas City, Missouri, will the District choose to follow the Kansas City or Jackson County mandates and restrictions?