Substitute Resources

  • Welcome All Substitutes!


    You will need to complete the online application to become a substitute. Certified substitutes are
    for substitute teaching and classified substitutes would be for all other substitute positions.
    Please click here and type sub in the search bar to see sub listings and to begin the application process.

    NOTE: We are requesting that all substitutes work 2 days per month to stay on our substitute

    All substitute applicants must have current fingerprints, and if you are a
    substitute teacher you will need a substitute certificate or a teaching certificate before you will
    be considered eligible to sub for the Raytown C2 School District. To register for your fingerprints
    go to You will be asked to provide a 4-digit code (see below). You will also
    need to pay for your fingerprints. Currently the cost is $43.75.

    • Substitute Teacher code > 0941
    • Classified Substitutes code > 0942

    Substitute Teachers:
    You are required to have a teaching certificate or obtain a substitute certificate. To apply for
    your substitute certificate please go to The substitute page will give you the
    information to apply for a substitute certificate.

    Substitute Pay:

    • Substitute teachers are paid an hourly rate of $13.34 and work 7.5 hours per day
      ($100.05) Long-term is $135.00 per day.
    • Classified substitutes click here for the various pay rates.


    Long-Term Substitutes:
    A substitute is considered a long-term substitute after working 10 consecutive days for the same employee.
    Starting with the eleventh (11)day; substitute pay is retroactive to the first day at the long-term
    sub rate. For the classified sub rate of pay click here.

    Pay Dates:

    • For certified positions pay day is once a month on the 25th of the month or the last
      working day before the 25th of the month.  To view payroll processing schedule for certified positions click here.
    • For classified positions pay days are the 10th and the 25th of the month or the last
      working day before the 10th or the 25th of the month. To view payroll processing schedule for classified positions click here.

    All substitutes will be paid by Direct Deposit. To view your pay stub you will need to click here. Your user name is your personal email and your password is your employee ID number. 

    Substitute Handbook


    If you have questions please send them to