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Application Process


Individuals seeking employment in the Raytown School District must submit a completed application along with a personal resume, copies of college and university transcripts and a copy of the Missouri Teaching Certificate. The candidate should request that their placement files be sent to the district as soon as possible. You can go here to log on and fill out at application: Employment Opportunities.

All applications are reviewed to determine if the applicant meets the credential requirements for the designated subject or grade level and that all proper documents have been received. Applications are then reviewed to determine the most suitable candidates for current anticipated vacancies. 

When a review of applications and related information indicates that an applicant is qualified for a current or anticipated vacancy, an interview with a District Representative will be arranged. This initial interview is to allow the applicant to expand upon and clarify the application and to provide additional information that will assist the Human Resources Office in determining if the candidate is qualified for current and future openings. 

When a vacancy occurs, interviews are then scheduled for those applicants whose qualifications make them the most suitable for the positions. These interviews will be with a building administrator and a panel of other staff members from the individual site.

For most secondary vacancies, the appropriate subject matter coordinator will also be involved in the interviews. Candidates are invited to bring their portfolio to share during this interview. After candidates are interviewed, the building administrator will make recommendations to the Human Resources Office.

Candidates may be asked to interview for several positions at different times as a result of this process. Individuals not recommended for a specific vacancy will continue to be considered for another position.