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Twelve RQS seniors earn a Distinguished Missouri Seal of Biliteracy

 A huge congratulations to the twelve Raytown Quality Schools graduating high school seniors who earned a Distinguished Missouri Seal of Biliteracy (SoBL) for the Spanish language. The SoBL is awarded to graduating high school students in districts with a DESE-approved program, who have demonstrated achievement in English, a language other than English, and sociocultural competence.

The twelve students include Raytown High School students Marilyn A., Isabella H., Shawn H., Yesli L., Amanda M., Jobani P. Luke T., Gabriel V., and Nya Vargas, and Raytown South High School students Dana D., Kimberly B., and Judith O.

“We are proud of these students for developing this proficiency for the Spanish language, and our district foreign language classes playing a role in that growth,” stated Dr. Lynn Tarvin, Director of Student Programs. “Students who earn the Seal of Biliteracy are automatically awarded six to 14 credit hours in the language other than English at eight colleges and universities across the state.”

To qualify, students must create a portfolio and pass an assessment test. The student’s portfolio must demonstrate proficiency and cultural awareness. Students must submit examples of sociocultural competency through essays in the language, speaking in the language, and recommendation letters from teachers or community members. The portfolio must also demonstrate an ability of biliteracy skills and helping others in either the school or community setting. Students are assessed on their abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in Spanish.

In addition to college credit hours, recipients can include this honor on their resume. Students also receive a special honor at Senior Awards Night and an honor cord at graduation.

Raytown Quality Schools is one of only 89 school districts in the state to offer the DESE-approved program.

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