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Challenge Curriculum

The typical day in the 1-5 Raytown Challenge Program will vary throughout the year.  Student activities will emphasize critical thinking, creativity, and social-emotional learning through a rotation between classes.  Students are encouraged to pursue their interests and are given time during the Challenge day to do so.  In addition, each child has the opportunity to partake in different academic enrichment units where students use higher-level thinking skills paired with collaboration in problem-based learning.  Some previous enrichment units have been Engineering: The Design Process, Architecture and Design, Zoology, Minecraft, Leonardo Da Vinci, Renaissance, Neurology, and Breakout Boxes.  

21st Century Learning Skills are embedded into virtually every aspect of the day.  Twenty-first-century learning skills are the essential abilities children need to acquire so they can be prepared for all life challenge in their future.  These skills include Learning and Innovation, Information, Media and Technology Skills, and Life and Career Skills.   From using technology applications to enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, reasoning, analysis, and synthesizing information to performing their own advanced research using interrogative questioning and Socratic strategies, students are encouraged to be flexible, adaptable thinkers and self-directed learners who appreciate diversity and teamwork.