Raytown Quality Schools

At Raytown Quality Schools, students are nurtured toward success. Parental and community interest, partnered with daily, in-school guidance by our quality educators and a safe, supportive environment, promote student success.

Educators encourage students to challenge themselves by selecting classes that will stretch their horizons and to seek new opportunities by applying for scholarships. Students who excel in athletics but find themselves struggling in the classroom are tutored to maintain academic excellence.

Students can seek guidance at counseling centers from school psychologists who are available to help students deal with other issues that may be a roadblock to their success. At-risk students are provided extra support and encouragement to help them succeed in school and shown the importance of meeting life's challenges. Expecting all students to live up to a high standard of personal behavior produces a calm, safe environment and prevents unnecessary distractions.

By actively pursuing parental involvement, Raytown Quality Schools build an all-important link to the home, where the greatest support of all can be extended to children.

Conferences a tthe elementary schools are scheduled at times convenient to parents. Assignment notebooks at secondary schools which require parental signatures are utilized to create daily communication to the home. Parents are aware of expectations of their children and are given an early alert if their child is struggling through a difficult subject area.

Schools buildings are opened for community activities so that parents have more opportunities to visit. School newsletters mailed directly to district residents and a 24-hour message line help keep parents informed at their own convenience.

Our district consistently seeks parental input at the local school level and district-wide. Surveys are conducted to gauge parental involvement and school representatives meet regularly with parent groups to gain valuable feedback, all aimed at helping children do well in school.