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Raytown School District Announces 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year

Blue Ridge Elementary teacher Jana Caudle was named the Raytown School District Teacher of the Year for the 2021-2022 school year. Caudle is a 23 year educator with 17 of those years at Blue Ridge Elementary. She has her Masters in Curriculum and Administration from Webster University.

In her letter of support, Blue Ridge Elementary principal Dr. Danielle Miles shared, “Raytown is blessed with a multitude of teachers who change the lives of students’ everyday through academics. There is only one teacher; however, who slays giants, fights for justice, rallies the troops, embraces a vision, and embodies the heart of a champion for all students and teachers in the Raytown community. That teacher is Jana Champion Caudle.”

The judges described Caudle as someone who loves Raytown, teaches the whole child, gives back to the community, values kindness and clear communication, and celebrates differences through meaningful connections.

District Building Teacher of the Year nominations for 2021-2022 included Jana Caudle, Blue Ridge Elementary; Rosemary Collins, Eastwood Hills Elementary; Melissa Taylor, Fleetridge Elementary; Stephanie Guenther, Laurel Hills Elementary; Calie Stinson, Norfleet Elementary, Megan Butler, New Trails Early Learning Center; Emma Wheat, Northwood School; Julie Nuemann, Raytown Central Middle School; Kim Sonthana, Raytown Middle School; Megan Gerwick, Raytown High School; Jason Lee, Raytown South Middle School; Arianne Henry, Raytown South High School; Jessica Way, Robinson Elementary; Kristin Sweeney, Southwood Elementary; Melissa Niemeyer, Spring Valley Elementary; Ashley Bosworth, Three Trails Preschool; Megan Finlay, Westridge Elementary; and Holley Maring, Little Blue Elementary.

Caudle will represent the District in the Regional Teacher of the Year selection process and will deliver a speech at the District’s annual back to school Convocation in August.