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District earns 85.4% on annual performance report

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has released Annual Performance Reports (APR) for all Missouri school districts. The Raytown C-2 School District received an 85.4% up from 81.4% in 2017, and is a fully accredited district. This is the highest APR score that Raytown has ever received.

DESE monitors five areas to create the annual report: Academic Achievement, Subgroup Achievement, College and Career Readiness, Attendance, and Graduation Rate. To determine Academic Achievement points, DESE gives Status points, based on the district’s level of achievement over a three-year-period; Progress points, based on continuous year to year improvement; and Growth points, based on the district’s ability to move students into higher levels of achievement, which is the measure of individual student growth.  Subgroup Achievement addresses the same areas as Academic Achievement as it relates to state-identified subgroups.

Included in College and Career Readiness measures, are the percentage of graduates scoring at or above the state standard on ACT, SAT, WorkKeys, and Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery tests; the percentage of graduates earning qualifying scores on AP, IB, or Technical Skills Attainment tests or qualifying grades in AP, IB, early college, or dual (college) enrollment courses; and the percentage of graduates who attend post-secondary training, are in the military, or who complete an approved Career Education program and are placed in an occupation related to their training.

The full APR can be viewed on the DESE website at and was made public on February 1, 2019. Districts may complete an appeal process if they believe data or scores have been calculated in error, and those corrections would be noted on the DESE site and would be used to calculate future APRs.