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RQS Update: Secondary Asynchronous Days Feb. 25 & 26

To prepare for the return of secondary students who are enrolled in in-person learning, Thursday, February 25 and Friday, February 26 will be asynchronous virtual learning days for students in grades 6-12. Please note: Students who have been attending Herndon Career Center will continue with their normal schedule for the remainder of the week.  Students attending  special programs will attend in-person on Thursday, February 25 and have asynchronous learning on Friday, February 26.

Information for those who will remain virtual for the remainder of the school year:

Students remaining virtual will resume their normal schedule on Monday, March 1.

Information for those who will return to in-person learning beginning the week of March 1:

Families are now able to log into their SISK12 parent portal to see if their child will attend A or B days. Once you log into the portal, icons will appear next to your student’s name. Two sample images of how this will appear are shown below:

  • Sample B Day In-person Student

B Day Example

  • Sample Virtual Learning Student

Virtual Example

This week, schools will also send schedules with A/B designations to individual students and will discuss schedules during advisory.

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At this time we are unable to make changes to the in-person or virtual learning method that was chosen earlier in the year. Additionally, due to space constraints on buses and in classrooms, we cannot change students’ A or B designation.  

Thank you for your patience as we prepare our upcoming transition. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school.