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Raytown School District Students and Staff Earn Scholarships through KC Scholars program

Students and staff from around the District were selected to receive scholarships from the Kansas City Scholars program (KC Scholars). The KC Scholars program is a part of The Kauffman Foundation.

The KC Scholars program awarded traditional scholarships of $10,000, renewable for up to five years, to eleventh-graders from the six-county Kansas City region. In order to receive a scholarship, students must attend one of 17 colleges or universities in the KC Scholars network. Students are also required to complete GPA and graduation requirements their senior year in order to receive the scholarship.

Students selected from Raytown High School include juniors Riley Harris, Jonathan Martinez, and Ta'Cheyiona Stamps. 

Students selected as KC Scholars from Raytown South High include juniors Olivia Mahl, Sequoia Johnson, and Teriya Taylor. 

Raytown High School student Nikolette Haas and Raytown South High School students Candace Hayes and Alana King were awarded scholarships of $10,000, renewable for up to five years at the University of Missouri - Columbia. 

Raytown High School students Emma Taylor and Katie Valdovinos were awarded scholarships of $10,000, renewable for up to five years at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. 

Freshmen from around the District were also awarded College Savings Accounts as part of the KC Scholars program. Freshman Jamyia Francis from Raytown High School will receive a College Savings Account. Freshmen Zayana Bradley and Aniyah Grant-Livingston will also receive College Savings Accounts. 

Raytown School District employees Bridgette Willoughby and Tyran Sutherlin received Adult Learner Scholarships from the KC Scholars program for support as they continue their educational endeavors. 

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