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Raytown School District announces Support Staff Employee of the Year

The Raytown School District is pleased to announce Sharmin Rowland as the Support Staff Employee of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year. Rowland serves as an interventionist at Spring Valley Elementary School.

Rowland was selected from 21 nominees who completed a nomination packet and then had the opportunity to interview with judges. The judges described Sharmin as caring, compassionate, and dedicated.

A member of this year’s judge’s panel shared, “It is clear Sharmin goes above and beyond for her students. In her job position, she often sees students at their very worst and it is clear she meets students where they are at and goes above and beyond for her students and to see them be successful.”

Outgoing Spring Valley Elementary Principal Dr. Judith Campbell and Incoming Spring Valley Principal Melissa Gabbert shared how dedicated Sharmin is to building relationships and making sure all students have a positive school experience. She also never hesitates to collaborate with her fellow staff members to find the best ways to support all students.  

2020-2021 Support Staff Employee of the Year building nominees include Rhonda Agnew, Little Blue Elementary; Tara Betts, Raytown Central Middle School; Kevin Briggs, Facility Operations; Ashlea Burnos, Norfleet Elementary; Jeff Byous, Technology; Katie Cavin, Westridge Elementary; Rosa Chacon, Raytown Middle School; Matt Cooper, Raytown High School; Dustin Dick, Northwood School; Lori Eastman, New Trails; Eric Epps, Southwood Elementary; Justine Garver, Raytown South High School; Vida Hill, Transportation; Ka’Mariya Jackson, Laurel Hills Elementary; Rachel Johnston, Admin; Chris Organ, Raytown South Middle School; Lisa Peterson, Fleetridge Elementary; Sharmin Rowland, Spring Valley Elementary; Kathy Ryan, Robinson Elementary; Dana Sewell, Blue Ridge Elementary; and Ruby White, Three Trails Preschool. Dr. Daniel Slaten, Eastwood Hills Elementary.

Rowland will give a speech to the rest of the District as part of a back-to-school celebration in August.