James O. Arnold, Ph.D.

Photo of James Arnold James O. Arnold, Ph.D., Raytown High School, Class of 1954

Dr. James Arnold has spent more than forty years serving his country and the entire world as a scientist, engineer, manager and leader with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

After graduating from Raytown High School, Arnold earned degrees the Kansas City Missouri Junior College the University of Kansas, Stanford University and York University in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Arnold has won several awards and honors throughout his career, including NASA’s Medal for Outstanding Leadership in 1986 and Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement in 1997. He was also given NASA’s highest honor for private citizen, the NASA Public Service Medal, in recognition of his service as an investigator following the tragic loss of the Shuttle Columbia in February 1, 2005.

He currently works with the University of California-Santa Cruz in the area of nano/bio technology research and development. His vision is to provide leadership in showing how these emerging technologies can drastically change the way that humans and robots explore our universe.

Dr. Arnold’s commitment to the education of both himself and others makes him a fitting member of the Raytown Schools Alumni Hall of Fame.