Col. Mark Atkins

Photo of Col. Mark Atkins

Col. J. Mark Atkins, Raytown High School, Class of 1978

US Army Colonel John “Mark” Atkins has been answering the call to freedom around the world since 1982. Twice, the Army has selected him for early promotion. Each new responsibility has led him to his current role as Commander of the Eastern Sector United States Military Entrance Processing Command where he oversees the induction of nearly 250,000 young men and women into the military each year.

His service has taken him around the world. Europe for the Cold War, Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm, Somalia, Haiti, Croatia for peacekeeping efforts and most recently Kuwait for Operations in Iraq.

Col. Atkins’ awards are lengthy. Among the highlights are two Army Bronze Star Medals, the Saudi Arabian National Guard 

Battle Medal, and three Meritorious Service Medals for exceptional service.
Col. Atkins’ educational background includes Raytown School District, Washington University for a BS in Economics, Central Michigan University with a MS in Administration and Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with a Masters of Science in Strategic Planning.

The Raytown Schools Alumni Hall of Fame is honored to have Col. Atkins among its ranks.