Sherilyn Gordon, M.D.

Photo of Sherilyn Gordon, M.D. Sherilyn Gordon, M.D., Raytown High School, Class of 1985

Sherilyn A. Gordon, M.D. has dedicated her career to saving lives since she graduated from Raytown High School in 1985. After her 13 years in the Raytown public schools, she went on to study microbiology at Howard University. She progressed to Washington University School of Medicine to pursue her Doctorate in Medicine. Dr. Gordon has concentrated her medical work in the area of Liver and Pancreas Transplants with a specific area of research in the regulation and reversal of drug resistance for hepatocellular carcinoma.

Doubling as a transplant surgeon and director of a $1.5 million dollar research grant at UCLA, Dr. Gordon has also found time to publish works in the Medical Association Journal and co-author medical textbook chapters. She is also in high demand for presentations at national and international conferences.

While at Raytown High School, Dr. Gordon was awarded the prestigious Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award. “She has been moving forward and upward every since,” said a former counselor at Dr. Gordon’s alma mater high school.

Listed as one of her greatest personal accomplishments is serving as a mentor for young students who are unsure they have the ability to achieve lofty goals.

The Raytown Alumni Hall of Fame proudly welcomes Dr. Sherilyn Gordon.