Craig Walker

Photo of Craig Walker Craig Walker, Raytown High School, Class of 1962

Craig Walker, 1962 Raytown graduate, credited his teachers at Blue Ridge Elementary School and his love for school field trips for his highest career achievement. Craig Walker was the creator of the children’s book series “The Magic School Bus.” Its success has led to the development of a TV series and Microsoft Learning Materials.

Craig lived in New York City and worked as the vice president and editorial director for Scholastic, Inc. Although “The Magic School Bus” was his most well-known accomplishment, Craig also oversawthe creation of “The Baby-Sitters Club”, “Goosebumps”, “Animorphs” and “The Teacher from the Black Lagoon”, just to name a few.

Positioned now as one of the leaders in paperback publishing for children, he pulled creativity from his school day memories. He recalled a particular elementary classroom filled with terrariums, old birds’ nest and other “interesting stuff.” He said“The Magic School Bus” was born from that memory.

After graduating from Raytown, Craig received his BA from the University of Missouri. He then achieved his master’s via a US government fellowship.

In gratitude to those field trips, the Raytown Alumni Hall of Fame honors Craig Walker.