Craig Bobzien

 Craig Bobzien

Craig Bobzien, Raytown South High School, Class of 1973

After graduating from Raytown South in 1973, Craig Bobzien earned a degree in Forest Science at Colorado State University, and after over thirty years in conservation and public service, he will join the Raytown Schools Alumni Hall of Fame in the Class of 2008.

During his career Bobzien has performed some special assignments as the Director of Fire and Aviation for the Northern Rockies Region and as Deputy Regional Forester for the Rocky Mountain Region. He also served as one of the principal negotiators for the National Forest Service management and union contract.

Bobzien is a thirty year member of the Society of American Foresters and a Certified Forester. In his role as a volunteer, Bobzien has served in leadership positions in not only conservation organizations, but also in civic, church, youth, and professional organizations.

Bobzien currently serves as the Forest Supervisor of the Black Hills National Forest located in western South Dakota and Wyoming. He oversees over 300 employees who specialize in wildlife, forestry, recreation, fire, engineering, public service administration, and natural resource science.

Among Bobzien’s honors are Community Grand Marshal and twice guiding his unit in receiving the Caring for Land and Water Award in both the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest Regions of the U.S. Forest Service. Bobzien has testified before the United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry on forest resource issues.

Bobzien is an avid outdoorsman, a love which began in his childhood. He enjoys fly-fishing, bird hunting, and riding horses. He and his wife Marilee have one daughter, Kayla, who is attending the University of Montana.